MRM-Based Metabolite Analyses

Pipetting into a 96-well plate

Flexible to Meet your Research Needs
  •  À la carte system of metabolite lists for focused investigation, or multi-panel lists for broad phenotyping
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Project management, study design, data review, and interpretation by PhD scientists

Robust, Repeatable, Quantifiable Results
  • Quantitative, concentration-rich data is amenable to statistical analysis
  • Specialized sample handling, extractions, and hold times minimize analytical artifacts
  • ISO/IEC 17025 independently accredited methodology ensures data quality

Cost-Effective Research
  • Multiplexed approach to maximize throughput while minimizing costs
  • High sensitivity methods require only small sample sizes

Biological Systems Addressed with our Extensive Suite of Analytes – Our team has developed an analysis suite of over 200 analytes to measure many key biological systems.  Click here to learn more.  Our initial offering to the market includes biogenic amines, amino acids, bile acids, fatty acids, acylcarnitines, sphingomyelins, phosphatidylcholines and hexoses, and we are now expanding to include adrenal/gonadal steroids, TCA cycle/central carbon metabolism and hypothothalamo-thyroid axis targets.

We are also able to aid with experimental design, method development and analysis.

Need custom method development?  We can aid with novel target and matrix development.

We also offer support for drug/small molecule screening using aquatic zebrafish (Danio rerio) models.