Sending Samples

To offer the best service, we strongly recommend that you speak directly with a project manager by calling Toll Free (888) 373-0881 or +1 250 655 5800.

Contact a Project Manager

SGS AXYS employs a group of highly trained professionals on our project management team, who work with you to ensure that you have appropriate sampling supplies for accurate results and that your returning samples are delivered safely and efficiently to our laboratory.

SGS AXYS’ project managers are the main “hub” of client contact and work with our clients on most aspects of a project – from sampling preparation, scheduling, and shipping, to ensuring that projects are conducted to client specifications and timelines.

Your SGS AXYS project manager is available to assist you in all aspects of project planning – from setting project and QAPP specifications to insuring your data arrives in the format required. Your SGS AXYS project managers will also assist you in filling out required documentation for International transport and direct you to couriers who have a proven track record of getting samples to our location the next day.

Sampling Supplies

SGS AXYS provides you with proofed sampling bottles, coolers, packing materials, chain of custody forms, shipping documents, and media specific to your analysis needs. Your project manager will work with you to ensure that the correct sampling bottles, supplies, and preservatives are used.

We have extensive experience preparing sampling equipment including sampling trains, XAD resin, polyurethane foam plugs (PUF), air sampling cartridges, and proofing your sampling equipment to ensure reliable results.

Shipping Your Samples

All samples should be shipped to:

SGS AXYS Analytical Services Ltd.
2045 Mills Road West
Sidney, BC V8L 5X2

Chain of Custody

For your convenience, our
Chain of Custody form can be downloaded here.

Canadian Movement Certificates – Canadian Clients only

Movement Certificates may be required when shipping freshwater sediments and soils to AXYS, from within Canada.  This is a requirement from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to control the spread of pests.  To determine if you require a Movement Certificate for your samples, please contact your local CFIA agent. 

See Link here to find CFIA contact information.