SGS AXYS Analytical Services is committed to providing you with analytical results that meet or exceed your standards for consistency, accuracy and defensibility. This is achieved through our rigorous Quality System that includes documented policies and procedures relating to all aspects of our operation by supplying you with everything from a clear understanding of your project requirements to the delivery and support of data reports best suited to your needs.

Latest Quality and Accreditation News

SGS AXYS was one of the first accredited laboratories for dioxin/furans, PCB congeners, PFCs, PBDEs, and PPCPs, and we continue to lead innovate in quality with several key advances recognized by the respected North American accreditation bodies:

SGS AXYS Analytical has achieved accreditation with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) for the analysis of all 209 PCB Congeners by Methods 1668A and 1668C in non-potable water. SGS AXYS has also achieved EPA 1668C accreditation under Virgina DEQ.  Method 1668 offers unmatched sensitivity and specificity as compared to other PCB methodologies. SGS AXYS has supported PCB TMDL studies for a number of the most developed TMDL and regional monitoring programs in the United States over the past decade. By obtaining accreditation with PA DEP, SGS AXYS can now support NPDES permits in Pennsylvania that specifies monitoring of PCBs by method 1668A.  With particular emphasis in the Delaware River basin in southeastern PA to evaluate compliance with a TMDL for the tidal portion of the Delaware River. Learn more about our PCB capabilities.  Learn More about our TMDL studies.

SGS AXYS has achieved ISO 17025 accreditation in the US through ANSI-ASQ National, enabling us offer internationally accredited methods independently assessed by US (ANAB) and Canadian (CALA) assessors. ANAB is familiar with all EPA testing and NELAP accreditation requirements. SGS AXYS can offer clients methods aligned with these requirements, including Dioxin/Furans, PFCs, PCBs, Organochlorine Pesticides, PAHs and more in a variety of sample matrices.

SGS AXYS has shifted primary NELAP accreditation to Florida, allowing us to expanded our scope to include 209 PCB congeners by HRMS, in water and solid matrices, and Dioxin/Furan and PFCs in tissues. Florida accreditation gives us the flexibility to offer methods to fulfill your accredited requirements, with the added flexibility to include client-focused performance-based methodology. We continue to maintain secondary NELAP accreditation in several states, along with other state-specific accreditation. Consolidation of primary NELAP to Florida also means that for those emerging contaminant analysis that are pre-regulatory, SGS AXYS can develop NELAP/ISO17025 accredited methods to address those issues. This allows us to better serve our US clients with accredited pre-regulatory performance-based analysis.

SGS AXYS was one of the first accredited laboratories for dioxin/furans, PCB congeners, PFCs, PBDEs, and PPCPs.  Now in another first, SGS AXYS is the first North American facility to offer quantitative, targeted biochemical analysis, focused on describing organism biochemical responses to environmental and contaminant insults accredited under ISO/IEC17025. SGS AXYS now offers clients ultra trace measurement of both contaminant occurrence and potential biochemical response under a single, internationally recognized quality assurance standard.  Learn more about our Eco-Tox offer.

SGS AXYS Analytical Quality Policy

Our objective is to provide analytical results that meet established standards for consistency, accuracy, defensibility, and fitness for purpose, providing the best possible value to our clients. Our commitment to clients is professional, confidential, honest, and forthright service, adhering to the highest levels of business ethics. Consistently high standards are achieved through the diligent application of a Quality System that documents the approved standard for each operation performed by qualified SGS AXYS chemists and personnel. The Quality Program ensures:

  • Your samples’ integrity from time of our receipt to your acceptance of the final data
  • Your samples are analyzed using our validated test methods on properly maintained and calibrated instruments
  • Your data has been characterized, quantified, validated, and checked to our high quality standards.
  • Your results are traceable to recognized reference standards.

All samples are analyzed in batches containing quality control (QC) samples. The results of batch QC samples are used to assess the sample data quality and are routinely provided to clients with sample results. Our key quality policies meet or exceed ISO 17025 standards. The analytical processes that SGS AXYS employ are audited internally and externally on a frequent basis by multiple accrediting bodies and clients. In addition, all processes are continually reviewed by our management team to ensure we adhere to and improve upon the Quality System.

About ISO 17025

ISO/IEC 17025:2005 “General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories” is an international standard that specifies the management and technical requirements for competence to perform test measurements and calibrations. Published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), it is applied to organizations that want to assure their clients of the accuracy, repeatability, and traceability of their test measurements or calibrations. Regulatory authorities and accreditation bodies may use the ISO 17025 standard in confirming the competence of laboratories to perform specific tests.

Scope of Accreditations

Independent accreditation is formal recognition that a lab is competent in performing specific tests on different matrices. Accreditation is only awarded to a laboratory after they have demonstrated their competency and compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. To maintain their accreditation, laboratories must regularly demonstrate their continued competency through proficiency testing and full assessments by accreditation bodies.

SGS AXYS Analytical maintains a scope of accreditations from

  • Canadian Association For Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA) (Lab ID A2637) in Canada
  • ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board/ANAB (Lab ID AT-1861) ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and DoD ELAP

and the following NELAP and US state accreditation programs:

  • New York State Department of Health, Lab ID 11674
  • State of Washington State Department of Ecology, LAB ID C404
  • State of Florida Department of Health, Lab ID E871007
  • State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Lab ID CANA005
  • Minnesota Department of Health, Lab ID 232-999-430
  • Commonwealth of Virginia, Lab ID 460224
  • Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Lab ID CN00003
  • California Department of Public Health, Lab ID 2911
  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Lab ID 68-05420

As part of our requirement for maintaining primary accreditation, CALA, the Florida Department of Health, and ANAB conduct comprehensive laboratory assessments every two years to monitor our compliance with both program specific and ISO17025 quality system requirements.

Performance Evaluation Information

Performance Evaluation (PE) studies, also known as Proficiency Testing (PT), and Interlaboratory Comparison studies are tools used by laboratories to determine their testing performance through analysis of samples containing specified material. The laboratory analyzes the samples and provides the results to the study organizer. The final report will show how close each laboratory’s results were to the “accepted” concentration. Results from the studies are used to assess a laboratory’s ability to conduct analysis and produce meaningful and reliable environmental data. SGS AXYS has an active program of participation in national and international PE studies and interlaboratory comparison studies to assess and demonstrate our data accuracy. Our participation and performance in these studies demonstrates our dedication to continuous analytical leadership and analytical improvement. Upon request, we will provide a list of these studies to our clients.