We are Committed to Being the Best Lab You Have Ever Worked With

SGS AXYS is a leader in “ultra-trace” level measurement of known or suspected Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxics. Our expertise extends to a wide variety of fully-commercialized tests for organochlorine legacy compounds like dioxins and PCBs, to analysis of emerging and pre-regulatory contaminants. We offer state-of-the-art mass spectrometer analysis of hundreds of compounds of interest, providing data with industry-leading quality, detection limits and defensibility. We are uniquely positioned to serve you:

Extensive & Growing Compound ListsSGS AXYS was one of the first accredited laboratories for dioxins/furans, PCB congeners, PFCs, PBDEs, and PPCPs and we continue to innovate for our industry, government and academic clients to offer one of the most extensive lists of analytes in persistent and emerging contaminants.
Highest Data Quality and IntegrityWe offer our clients industry-leading accredited methods and cutting-edge methodologies for pre-regulatory and regulatory analysis with results that are solid and defensible — a fact proven via interlaboratory benchmark comparisons.
Experienced Across Sample MatricesWe know how to get results out of a wide range of environmental, biological and human matrices — groundwater, surface water, sludge, aqueous, tissue, serum, urine, biosolids, sediment, air, and more — even in complex, challenging sampling environments.
Maximizing Your Research ValueOur specialized sampling and analytical procedures allow for much lower detection limits, selectivity, and reduction of interference — maximizing the data obtained from limited sample size in a variety of matrices.
The Method Development ExpertsWe are constantly adding new analytes and compound categories to our analyte lists and have developed numerous methods for clients. So if you have a novel compound, analyte, or even matrix, talk to our specialists about how our custom method development can work for you.
Dedication to Your Project SuccessEvery client and project gets the attention of a knowledgeable client services project manager, whose mission is to ensure that the project is managed effectively from the initial scope through to the last piece of delivered data.