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Organochlorine Legacy Compounds

Organochlorines are compounds with organic structures containing at least one covalently bonded chlorine atom. The many structural forms of organochlorine compounds result in divergent chemical properties and a broad range of historical and current uses. Although compound properties may differ, all are slow to degrade and so accumulate in the tissues of living organisms.

Organochlorines are relatively rare in nature and occur at very low concentrations. Most compounds are man-made; either deliberately or as unintended by-products of other processes. Many exhibit significant toxicity, are persistent in the environment, accumulate in food chains (bioaccumulate) and are often referred to as Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxics (PBTs). Consequently, organochlorines have been targeted for reduction by governments worldwide.

“Legacy Contaminant” refers to substances whose use has been banned or severely restricted by government agencies for many years. Legacy compounds typically have well developed regulatory guidelines for allowable concentrations of target analytes in soils, sediment, water, and biota. Due to chemical stability and slow rate of decomposition, these pollutants persist in the environment for a long period of time after restrictions are put in place and their decrease is gradual. Of concern is another group of less studied compounds for which many questions regarding their occurrence, transport, and fate remain. Compounds which are suspected of having some or all of the characteristics of PBTs, but which lack any, or have only preliminary regulatory guidelines, may be referred to as “Emerging Contaminants”.

AXYS Analytical Services Ltd. has been specializing in the measurement of specific organochlorine compounds since 1978. We specialize in “ultra-trace” level measurement of known or suspected PBTs that are best quantified through HRMS or LC/MS/MS technologies.

Examples of these compounds or groups of compounds include:

AXYS measures organochlorine legacy compounds to nanogram or lower concentrations from standard sample sizes. Specialized sampling and analytical procedures may allow for much lower detection limits or reduction of sample size required for human and sediment matrices. We deliver legally defensible data under ISO 17025 certified systems. Where available, AXYS will seek accreditation by NELAP and CALA for these methods. Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) customized for download to our clients’ relational databases are available in addition to standard format report and full data packages.

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