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Analytical Leadership

Over thirty years AXYS Analytical (originally Seakem Oceanography) has refined analytical approaches to deliver far more to our customers than solely chemical data.

Analytical leadership is founded on scientific excellence, in turn demanding specialized expertise. AXYS focuses on the analysis of emerging organic contaminants using advanced gas and liquid chromatographic techniques, linked with single and tandem mass spectroscopy. We precisely characterize and measure the chemical contaminants in samples as varied as human blood, fish tissue, water and sediments. Housed in 20,000 square feet of purpose-built, company-owned laboratory and data space, we are located on Canada’s pristine, west coast.

Consistently first to market amongst North American commercial environmental laboratories in analysis of emerging contaminants (full congener PCBs in 1986; dioxins in 1988; polybrominated diphenyl ethers in 1995; perfluorinated chemicals in 2002), AXYS continually develops quantitative approaches for contaminants of emerging concern under full ISO 17025 compliance. AXYS holds multiple analysis and matrix accreditation with American (NELAC) and Canadian (CALA) national bodies.

Our abilities to detect extremely low concentrations of organic chemicals, in small sample sizes and complex matrices, is unmatched by conventional, general service, environmental laboratories. Industry leading ultra-trace analysis and multi-matrix combined extraction techniques, paired with exceptional client support in chemical interpretation, delivers true “analytical advantage” to our clients: The leading lab and most precise data to best inform your decisions.

For examples of AXYS longstanding history of analytical leadership, refer to History